Jimena Larraguivel

My Story

My love for storytelling started when I first watched The Sound of Music as a seven year old girl. I also have a vivid memory of watching my grandma perform live and being marveled by the magic created on that stage. I started writing scripts and poetry at a young age and as a teenager, my life experiences started making more sense through words on paper.

A few years later I completed a BA in Education and found myself teaching English at a primary school. As much as I loved my job, I knew I was called for something different. I took an intensive acting course at Casa del Teatro in Mexico City and then moved to Saskatchewan to complete a Drama degree. Although I somehow managed to survive freezing temperatures of -35 degrees Celsius, it was time for me to turn the page and start a new chapter. I moved to London and after completing an MA in Philosophy of Education I slowly started immersing myself in the world of acting.

I’d say I’m a physical performer at heart (having been an athlete in my teenage years) with a particular interest in clown. When I’m not performing I work as a Spanish tutor. Other things I’m currently passionate about are singing, traveling, art making, cooking, fashion, tequila, Spartan racing, parenting (I'm a mum of two), partying, holistic living, spiritual healing, alternative education, Mexican culture, my friends, buying books I never read, and planning holidays I can’t really afford. On top of a rehearsal room, I love spending time at airports, cinemas, art galleries, bookstores and theme parks. I spend a lot of time figuring out how to live my life to the fullest.

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A Fight Against (Royal Court Theatre, London):

"Jimena Larraguivel …stands-out thanks to attention to beat-perfect comedic timing". - EVENING STANDARD

"Jimena Larraguivel … flawlessly funny throughout, entirely believable and at times thrilling to watch". THE REVIEWS HUB

Faces in the Crowd (Gate Theatre, London):

“ ...Larraguivel is a commanding presence.”- THE STAGE

“ Jimena Larraguivel is electrifying.” - TIME OUT

“ Jimena Larraguivel is mesmerising as the woman” - BRITISH THEATRE

“ Jimena Larraguivel is watchable as the Woman, the highlight of the cast...” - WHAT’S ON STAGE.


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